2021 Past Events


This Weekend, O.I.F. is producing our “alternative” Valentine “Karma Yoga” event. A small group will be joining us on Sunday, 01/31/21 at our O.I.F. HQ here in Culver City – Outside & Wearing Masks !

Due To COVID-19, we are also providing the project supplies to volunteers to work from their homes instead of joining us on Sunday!

Instead of our Old-Fashioned, Handmade Valentines (with construction paper, etc.), we are customizing classroom size pre-fab valentines and envelopes, O.I.F.-style!

We will deliver 1,800 of these valentines plus an individual box of “Smarties” valentine conversation “hearts” for each person or child at our various “community partner” facilities.

Then, the next week, we will be “Traversing The ‘Hinterlands’ !” and the “Highways and Byways of Los Angeles County” – AS ALWAYS !

STAY SAFE ! And, please remember … KARMA YOGA ROCKS !