Our Mission

One Incredible Family, Inc., is a California Non-Profit Service Corporation providing services which benefit disadvantaged sectors of Our Community: The homeless; people with AIDS / HIV, Or whose lives have been adversely impacted by such, especially children; at-risk youth (abused, neglected, impoverished, abandoned, orphaned, runaways, homeless, learning-disabled, etc.); the elderly; and the environment and the earth.

We also present educational workshops designed to provide psychological and emotional healing from abusive or dysfunctional childhoods and provide beneficial skills which can be used to improve the quality of our relationships with others and ourselves.   As we heal ourselves and grow emotionally and spiritually, we are naturally drawn to service as a path to personal enlightenment.  We call this path  :  KARMA YOGA.

Founded in August, 1994, and incorporated in February, 1995, One Incredible Family, Inc., has produced countless service projects. One of our “Trademarks” is that we include a sealed toothbrush with EVERY Easter basket and EVERY Halloween Trick-Or-Treat bag to promote responsible dental hygiene and we have established various community partnerships with those companies in our community that wish to create a place for KARMA YOGA within their respective organizations.

Many of our annual events have attracted 50 – 100 volunteers per event.   As we continue to grow and share our vision with others, we introduce more people to the path Karma Yoga.   To this end, we are members of the Culver City Chamber Of Commerce and are aligned with the Volunteer Center Of Los Angeles. We build community partnerships through providing opportunities for volunteer activism on the grassroots level, where the tangible evidence of Karma Yoga can be experienced IN THE MOMENT.

We will continue to serve this planet and its inhabitants.  And, with your help, learn to truly embrace the diversity of our interests and pursuits while we share this earth and rejoice as we celebrate the Unity of Our Global Spirit.

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